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Why I made this search page ...

From Date Suggestion Notes
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Pawel Wnuk 07-Aug-2003 Add Singles and Doubles searching, similar to Qualifying Completed 07-Aug-2003
Stephen Cristol 29-Jul-2003 Load results into database instead of reading results pages each time Benefit: Searching would become nearly instantaneous.
Search Range would also be unlimited.
But I would need to know a little more about how Steve G gets his data.
Sam Fistel (me) 03-Aug-2003 Search interesting player lists Such as top-5 of Champions Race, Steve G's Young Guns Tier 1, Tier 2
Steve G 01-Aug-2003 Add link for IOC Country Codes Completed 04-Aug-2003
Steve G 02-Aug-2003 Allow search by range of Dates Completed 06-Aug-2003
Sam Fistel (me) 03-Aug-2003 Allow search by tournament level (ATP, Chall, etc.) and Qualifying Completed 06-Aug-2003

Why I made this search page ...

There are many reasons why I went through all this trouble.

Like many of you, I am addicted to Steve G's site.
Like many of you, I follow players at many different levels.
Like many of you, I HATE clicking and searching and clicking and searching
every Monday and Tuesday trying to find where or if my favorites are playing
this week, and then having to remember the rest of the week where it was.

Unlike many of you, I write software and I am currently UNEMPLOYED.
Truth is, I have not even LOOKED for work since my last position ended.
The main reason is I feel my skillset needs some updating before I look,
and in particular I think I need to have some web programming experience
and perhaps even an online "portfolio" that I can point to in an interview.
So I recently began doing tutorials online for HTML, PHP, ASP, MySQL.
Tutorials are nice, but if it isn't really something useful to you,
it can be tough to stay motivated enough to learn at a decent clip.

So while I have WANTED to write this application for almost as long as
I have been using, it is only in the last few weeks
that I felt I had learned enough to attempt it, and also now I have
a place to put it, since I acquired my own domain several weeks ago.

I am also working on an online Exercise Log,
Yes, I know there are already online Exercise Logs!
There are also already online tennis results sites that you can search!
But THIS exercise log will be different, trust me.
Currently, it doesn't have multi-user capabilities (it's all about me now),
but I hope to have that part ready before I go on vacation August 7th.